Elevating Our Culture

Gifted Caste comprises brilliant groups and individuals who are changing the world for the better. We are constantly searching for and sharing new ideas and innovations with our supporters through a variety of channels. We created this space to support causes related to new technology, inventors, nonprofits, and various philanthropic efforts.

Gifted Caste is an organization that directly involves their supporters, and gives back in a big way.

Why do we care? We just want to see the world win. Our drive stems from a passion for creating, innovating, and progressing.

Gifted Caste supports those who are making a difference, who are making strides to better themselves and the people around them.

Current Campaign and Spotlight:

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

This particular foundation was formed to combat climate change and make our planet’s ecosystems viable and safe again.

As any non-profit organization requires funding, LDF also seeks the help of the people in the areas of protecting biodiversity, oceans, wildland and climate change.

The Ocean Cleanup

The plastics that we use have a consequence for our oceans. Due to the pattern of the ocean waves, these wastes are trapped in the gyres of the oceans.

In effort to rid the oceans of plastic, inventor-entrepreneur Boyan Slat has developed new technology and a program called: The Ocean Cleanup.

In this endeavor, Boyan needs support.

Limbitless Solutions

This non-profit organization based out of Orlando, FL. These former UCF students help children who are handicapped. Sparkling new hope in their eyes, Limbitless Solutions creates 3D-printed bionic limbs for the children.

These limbs are very affordable too! We absolutely love this nonprofit and we will do everything we can to show them our support.

How can you help?

You just read about three of the causes that Gifted Caste is supporting. We are donating a portion of our profits to them for the next 6 months.

You can show support by ordering any custom apparel from our store, share our blog posts, and sign up on our news link.

Our apparel is made with material that is fine to the sight and to the touch.

Ranging from $22 to $25, you not only get the best quality shirt but also get to choose the organization which you want to donate to.

Join with Gifted Caste and elevate our culture.

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