The Tesla Semi Truck


The Tesla Semi Truck represents one of the best new developments from Elon musk and Tesla as well as a method that could be extremely useful for changing the way that we concentrate on transportation the world over.

With 500 miles of range and complex aerodynamics which are rated better than most supercars, the newest version of the semi truck from Tesla is a step in the right direction. The DNA of this tool includes a selection of fully electric, intelligent features including the drive assist that is available on most of the top end electrical vehicles the Tesla produces.

The center mounted seat available is a little bit different than any other semi truck on the road and although the truck is still just getting started with a full-scale media launch, the review in early testing signs of the truck make it seem very positive. There finally is an electric freight vehicle that could actively replace some of the biggest gas guzzlers on the road.

What makes this truck so functional is that it is perfectly designed for semi autonomous capabilities over at least a 400 to 500 mile range with just 30 min. of charging to full power. There are two basic models for these trucks currently including a standard model as well as the upgraded aerodynamics package which improves power consumption.


The batteries in these trucks are located directly under the floor of the cabin and this was the intention for the drivers seat mounted forward and to the center. The center mounted seat is also a hit amongst commercial drivers who are interested to hear that the center mounted seat insurers more space to walk around and enjoy the interior of the cabin. Currently there is not a version with sleeping accommodations but with future revisions of the design, and the capability for long-haul transit, The Tesla Semi truck could one day become a viable option for long-haul trips too.

One thing is for sure, this is a true innovation in the freight and transportation industry that would not be possible without ground-breaking companies like Tesla.

Devin DukeComment